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Welcome To Ancestral!
We are a casual raiding guild focusing on end-game content.  We accept mature players of any level or game experience as long as guild rules are followed. Raiding experience is welcome but not required.  We currently have a full group of 10 for our 1st raid group and are looking for more to fill the 2nd raid group.  Although all are welcome here, we can't promise a raid spot to anyone until we get enough players for the 2nd raid group.

Guild Rules

  1. Maturity is mandatory - immature behavior will not be tolerated here
  2. Vent is required for raids and new Cata dungeons
  3. No begging - for anything
  4. BE NICE to each other - you would be amazed how far a little kindness goes
  5. Help each other out - group up for quests and dungeon runs with guildies your level


Guild Bank

The guild bank is set up for raiding and end-game content, not leveling toons or professions.  If you want something from the guild bank, ask the GM/co-GM's or officers.  It is up to the discretion of officers and GM's to decide if you need to have the item you are asking for.  If you are told no to something, please know their decision is final and will not be open to debate with the GM. 

All guild members may donate items to the guild.  Please do not deposit grey items.

Gold in the guild bank is currently being saved to buy the 8th tab for our bank vault.  Afterwards, the gold will be used for guild member repairs during raid runs.

Gold donations are always welcome and needed, but once donated are non-refundable.







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